At Spirit Filled Homecare services. We focus on providing support services to those in need of companionship, in-home care, personal care and 24/7 live-in services in the privacy and comforts of their home. Our services include

Live in Care

Spirit Filled have competent caregivers who provide 24/7 live-in care for patients who are in need of constant care due to old age or health reasons. These health givers are trained to help your loved ones live life comfortably from day to day.

Respite Care

Sometimes you need a break from the constant care you have to provide for your loved ones who are elderly or indisposed. Contact us today to give you that chance you need to do something for yourself while we ensure that your loved ones are well taken care of.


Most patients who are left at home alone usually require a companion to provide comfort and supervision. Our caregivers are carefully chosen among compassionate individuals to provide this service.

Personal Errands Assistance

At Spirit Filled we have a wide range of caregivers who assist patients and elderly ones with basic chores and tasks and ensure that their home is well maintained. They help with shopping, meal preparation, laundry and other house chores. Contact us to get a basic assistance care for yourself or your loved ones today.

Recreational Activities

For some patients to maintain their health and keep in good shape, they usually need to do some regular physical activities while others need to undergo physical therapy while recuperating. Our caregivers help to monitor these activities in order to ensure that they are kept within the prescribed form and time and also help the patients to find fulfilment in these activities.

Elderly Care

It’s becoming more and more common for people to want to stay in the comfort of their home as they age, which is also known as “aging in place.” Thankfully, with our home based care that’s a viable option for many. With elderly care services, your loved one can stay in the comfort of their own familiar home while still receiving assistance, ensuring their safety, health, and happiness.

Senior Transportation Services

Running routine errands can become increasingly difficult as your loved one ages, but that doesn’t mean that a trip to the supermarket should remain out of reach. At Spirit Filled, we’re committed to providing caregiving services of all kinds, including senior transportation services when necessary. Our caregivers help your loved ones live the quality lifestyle they deserve, regardless of the mobility restrictions they may be facing. Other services include:

  • Home based Chore Services
  • Medication and Bill Payment Reminders
  • Meal Preparation Assistance
  • Assistance with medical and personal appointments; etc
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